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Grande Overexcitability Frappuccino (hold the whip)

Sigh.  Parenting our gifted and twice-exceptional children takes creativity.

Has your coping mechanism ever come in the form of a grande half-caff latte or a double-whip, lots o’ chocolate sauce, venti Frappuccino?  Mine sure has. 

Starbucks should create an overexcitability (OE) menu.  This blog makes the rounds; and yet, they still have not created a personalized menu just for us.  So, when the mood strikes me, I repost it.

Before you order and sip and sigh, know this about my coffee menu: It won’t help you advocate.  It won’t give answers to the world’s most difficult gifted and 2e parenting questions.  It will, however, get you a hot cup of coffee.  And really, on some mornings, after some meetings, and in between some ‘moments’, isn’t that exactly what we need??

1. Psychomotor: Caffeine!  Espresso, triple shot, and can you quadruple that? Oh! Sounds just right!  Then maybe I can do this thing.  It will be totally awesome!!  Excited!!! I think I’ll run a five-minute mile while reading over this IEP, reciting Keats’ poetry, playing solitaire on my iPad for some ‘me’ time, writing a sonnet, eating a muffin, twirling a baton, riding a unicycle, juggling bananas, running a five-minute mile… wait, didn’t I already say that?  Time for another espresso!

2.  Sensual: Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea, heavy on the whipped cream.  Oh. My. God. This place smells fantastic.  It is like walking into my head and curling up on an oversized armchair next to a crackling fire with a fuzzy blanket and a good book.  There is literally no one here, so I can just sip, stretch, savor, and really fall in love with my moment.  Then, that one old friend arrives who you love curling up next to with a good story.  Heaven!

3.  Intellectual: Coffee of the day, black.  See here’s the thing, on many levels I support the fact that most coffee houses use coffee which has been grown responsibly, but another part of me feels disgusted that so many small, eclectic, and caring coffeehouses have been shut down by big business.  From a convenience perspective, I like that I can drive through, buy shade-grown coffee, reuse my personal cup, and move on with my day and my plans; but from the perspective of a financially-responsible adult, I worry about the financial strain a Starbucks habit could have on my family.

4.  Imaginational: Juice in a mini coffee cup and a cake pop, please, pink with tons and tons of sprinkles.  It is always such a fun treat meeting great friends at a coffeehouse.  It takes me back to my college days; and Oh! Look!  Little stuffed animals!  Stuffed animals, which have nothing to do with coffee, are so adorable and only $14.99, which isn’t too much, really, for all of the joy this little guy will bring.  I mean, really, he fits in a coffee cup!…and I think I’ll download the free song of the day.  I have always been drawn to industrial music set in a forested region.  I can picture me with neon lipstick, a rad Divo hat, and a glow stick dancing around a closed-down and repurposed coffee shop.  Isn’t the tiny cup adorable??  I think I’ll keep it.

5.  Emotional: I want to get my usual.  My usual is easy; my usual is comforting.  I love the  known.  I always get the same thing and right now I need comfort and easy.  Maybe I overthink everything and need to let loose.  Maybe I’ll try something new.  What do you suggest coffee barista?  Honestly, right now I just need to get away from the noise (no espresso please), vent a bit (venti sounds fantastic, thank you), and think about the world (Ethos water? Seems like selling any bottled water is bad for the environment, so I’ll pass).  You suggest a scone and a nonfat, double whip, no chai, decaf, venti, coffee free, egg white, eco-friendly mocha Frappuccino?  Give me a minute.  Never mind, I’ll just have my usual.

Order one.  Order them all.  Order a mix of two or three.  Just like our kids… a little bit of everything.  Remember, the chai apple tea doesn’t fall far from the chai apple tree!