About Irene Hila

Irene was identified as cognitively deficient as a toddler and was unable to speak until she was five or write her name in second grade. She found she was constantly hungry for information, inept at social constructs, and over-stimulated by the slightest nuance in her day… so much so that by 8 years old she had dropped out of school emotionally, by 10 years old she had dropped out of school academically, and by 15 years of age she had dropped out of school altogether.

Read her blog to find out how she survived her diagnosis of being “gifted and learning-disabled” just in time to head back to school for her GED. Irene publishes and advocates on behalf of unidentified and marginalized gifted children and their parents.

She holds degrees in Literature, Liberal Arts, and Irish Studies, she has her MA Creative Writing, and is currently completing an MFA in Young Adult Fiction.


2 thoughts on “About Irene Hila

  1. I’ve never seen anyone else refer to being identified as gifted as a “diagnosis”, but that is exactly how I felt when we had our daughter tested and she was “diagnosed” as profoundly gifted.

    I really enjoy your blog, and thank you for sharing your story.


    1. Raquel,
      It is nice to hear that I am not alone when I say it feels like a diagnosis; likewise, you are not alone in feeling that way about your daughter’s identification. Thank you for your reply.


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