Play on Words: To Punctuate or Not Punctuate That is a Statement

Encouraging your child to write without punctuation is a metaphor in practice.  It is very difficult to do (seriously, you try it first!).   And moments after you suggest this exercise to your child you will most likely experience the “You crazy!”-eyes and the “No way, no how!”-crossed-arms.

At first.

It doesn’t take long before you notice something amazing: the words begin to matter more than they ever have before. Where once there was a period there now can be a well-placed conjunction, an interesting combination, a juicy juxtaposition, or a clever continuation.

Without punctuation the words seem more poetic, more purposeful, and more playful. We don’t punctuate when we think, do we?  Finally, words are delicious. Finally, your children feel as though their words are playing. No rules, just write!

Oh no!  We worry.  What if they forget how to write properly?  We fret.  Why are you doing this to us!!??!  We over-punctuate.

Let’s take a deep breath.  In then out.  Just when you think all advances in grammar, punctuation, convention, and sanity are lost… something very interesting starts to happen.  You see, nothing makes punctuating –that is, punctuating without it getting in the way of stream of consciousness and creativity- simpler than removing it altogether.

in other words when you do not use any punctuation it all seems to fit together naturally and even the beginning writer starts to see logical places where punctuation might be helpful even better they start to see beyond what they can name and what they have learned they realize there is more than the end more than the period and more than just getting the job done to get the grade they think what could I put here that causes the reader to pause but ends a sentence and how can I make this more dramatic or express my real intention there must be something that exists that would break this up in a creative way

When a child writes without punctuation, the sentences become more than a structure they are learning to build. The sentences transcend into a realm that your children might think only exists in their books, their minds, and their futures. While you can’t write without punctuation all the time, it is a critical, imaginative, and brilliant place from which to begin real creative brainstorming.

It goes without saying, that the first step toward true and deep creative writing for your gifted and twice-exceptional child is the freedom to be creative when they write. Nothing promotes creativity more than the removal of borders and rules.

So get out there, in there, over there, wherever there…. and write.  Write with abandon.  Write without pause without punctuation and without worry everything will be okay and I believe you will be surprised by and pleased with the creative results

Tune in next time for “Speak, Words. Speak!” she exclaimed with her hands in the air, her hair in the air, and her mind fantastically distracted.  “Awww, who’s my good Words? You are, that’s who.”

It’s time to explore the exciting but intimidating world of dialogue. While adults tell me that they shy away from speech in writing, our young children seem to gravitate toward dialogue, and it soon becomes a whimsical place to grow their writing voice and encourage sharing.

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