My last blog post really elicited some intriguing conversations. Many of them.  And many of them passionate replies.  I love passionate replies!

People wrote me thinking that I was stating that all people were gifted, that I was removing the special designation gifted people deserve, that I was only speaking to twice-exceptional people, or that it was so true, so right, so good, so what they wanted to hear and so what the term needed, a change. The dichotomous split left no grey. People agreed. Or they didn’t.

As for me, I could see the validity in all of their points. Truly.  Change is difficult and the word Asynchronous Learner could apply to everyone or everyone in the wrong way if it is only changed on a very basic level. Then I thought, an artist is an artist whether or not you call him or her an artist, right?  The giving of the title of Artist does not make the painter create something beautiful, nor does taking away the title of Artist make the painter not create something beautiful. That is because it is just that, a title, and nothing else. The title tells the world that a person titled Artist has something to say, something to paint, something which the receiver may or may not love about them and so, in all other ways, says nothing at all except what it says.

It’s all so confusing except when it’s not.

Look, my title is not Gifted. If you met me, and many of you have, you know I don’t appear gifted in the way the cognitive tests say that I should appear. I know that a conversation with me won’t leave you spinning from the complexity with which I weave each and every line of words that escapes my gifted mouth. I am very certain you won’t come to me to solve the world’s problems because I, and only I, have the key to the door behind which is every answer.

Yet, somehow, the title of Gifted makes me feel as though it should do those things.

It makes me feel as though it’s easy, or understood, or better, or just plain… cool.  I’m in some club, some Understood Better Plain Cool Club.

That’s how it feels. Feels. Feels is something I get. I can handle that title. I sure Feels things.  In fact, I wrote that blog as my last blog for 2014 because I thought it was time to Feels something different.

I have received letters from the most caring, worried, and proactive parents I’ve ever “met”.  I’ve connected with other bloggers, teachers, and parents who are putting Feelers out into the world to try and keep sanity in check as they raise their own brilliant orbs of energy and lovely ideas and imagination into productive and healthy adults.

The fact that Gifted is a title for their kids matters, they say. It matters, we say. It matters, I say. Except for when it doesn’t. Which, it seems to me from the responses I’ve received, is all the time. Because the truth is it is just a title and a title doesn’t mean shit in the grand scheme of what tool, position, or plan we’re going to implement next to help our children grow up and grow full.

My kids got the Feels, too. Maybe they got it from me. I care about how they Feels more than I care about what they can do academically. I bet if we got behind the Feels, I mean really got behind it, then suddenly the Knows and the Ideas and the Creates and the Calms and the Cools would just come flying out from a place inside their souls that never needed a title in the first place.

We are thinking all the time, not just when it counts or when it’s being measured or calculated or given its title.  Who cares what you call it.  It just is.  Except for when it isn’t.

That’s how I Feels.  How bouts you?

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