Above Identity

So I walk. I walk right out of where I start.

The bad the good the stick

fills out the bottoms.

Heavy but taller. taller. Taller.


I can see out now.

The far the real the point

untie my shoes.

floating up, floating up, Floating.


We nearly drift away with every step.


Gravity, understood, has no say in this flight.

There is such negativity surrounding the concept of being above something. This is especially true when one must rise above something of value. Still, above is exactly the direction in which our children who are the most difficult to identify as gifted or gifted and learning disabled need to travel.

The many factors which hinder identification, from poverty to cultural differences and learning disabilities to opportunity, don’t change the fact that a percentage of children are born every single day with an exceptional need.

They start, as we all must, wherever they are…  It’s not complicated. And it’s extremely complicated.

We honor those who have the fortitude and innate capabilities to collect enough unfortunate from their situation to build themselves tall and climb out.  We tsk tsk towards those whose feet are too heavy to take one more step in any direction and choose, instead, to lay back, make angels in their cast, and barely live with it.

Those with the lightest shoes have the greatest opportunities and my heart breaks for children who would soar but carry too much of a burden from where they have been forced to walk. These kids, they don’t see heavy as taller and they don’t see soaring as winning. To them, it’s just weight and escape.

Wait and escape.

What a great responsibility… but it is one we all must share!  We have a responsibility to reach beyond ourselves and our children’s schools, to reach within ourselves and our children’s souls, and help another gifted child


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