Back to School: 15 Essentials for the Gifted Child

This week I realized that we parents of gifted children need a gifted child school supply list. So, for all you mamas, papas, grands, aunts, uncles, teachers, guardians… whether you are homeschoolers, deschoolers, reschoolers, unschoolers, old-schoolers, or regular schoolers here is my little supply list of 15 essentials. They are must haves for a successful, happy, and truly fantastical school year.

1. Sunshine, lots of it
2. Empty shoebox
3. Multiple rocks labeled with child’s name
5. Books to read, look at, wonder over, share, complete, close early, sit on, stack, organize, and a few more for posterity
7. One gigantic pillow
8. An animal, any kind will do, including fictional
9. Time off, out, in, and up pass
10. Puddles, all sorts, snowmen, or shade, weather depending
11. Glitter
12. Extra hugs
13. A promise to advocate
14. A tape dispenser for all occasions
15. Everything and anything else

Happy shopping!

Next week I will be exploring the advocacy back to school supply list for parents. I’m quite sure coffee will be on there! ‘Til then…

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