Just Because

Children live in the Just Because. It’s a beautiful place that parents and educators ought to visit as often as we are invited. It is one of those places in which borders are tennis shoes and swords are Popsicle sticks. It’s where flowers are mystical, lions are playmates, and bees are not scary. Just Because is a reason to be and a purpose for do. It is that one place where a child is truly able to cast away an age and just be a child.

This world is incomprehensible to us as adults and yet we expect our children to move through it      right foot left foot right foot left foot      as though it is just a schedule and a routine to complete. We contradict the world when we say keep moving when all around them is a Splendid which, at the moment, cannot possibly be appreciated without some sort of acknowledgement from their soul.

I hope I get invited back soon. Just Because.